Augusto Genina
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Festivals / Awards
Original title : PRIX DE BEAUTE
Drama | 1930 | 90'
Director: Augusto Genina
Countries of production : France - Italy
Cast: Louise Brooks, Georges Charlia
B&W - French - 2K restoration from the Bologna Cinematheque

Shot silent, the film is immediatly dubbed during post-production and stars inimitable Louise Brooks. Lucienne, a young typist enters and wins a beauty pageant against her fiancé’s will. Out of love she forsakes her dream and goes back to her life with André. Soon she misses luxury and flees to become a film star. Based on an idea of Rene Clair.

Other credits
  • Script writers: Augusto Genina - René Clair - Bernard Zimmer - Alessandro De Stefani
  • Photo: Rudolph Maté
  • Music: René Sylviano