René Laloux
Festivals / Awards
Original title : La Planète Sauvage
from Stefan Wul's novel "Oms en série"
Animation | 1973 | 72'
Director: René Laloux
Countries of production : France - Czechoslovakia
1.66 - HD - Color - French

A cult animated science-fiction film which is a parable of mutual dependency is set on the planet Ygam, where huge android Draags and tiny humanoid Oms battle their way towards the harmony that is their only hope of progress.

  • Production: Les films Armorial (Paris), Service de la Recherche O.R.T.F. (Paris), Ceskoslovensky Filmexport (Prague)
  • Script writers: Roland Topor, René Laloux
  • Photo: Lubomir Rejthar, Boris Baromykin
  • Music: Alain Goraguer