Robert Bresson
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Festivals / Awards

Cannes Film Festival, Special Jury Prize

Georges Méliès Award

Original title : Mouchette
Based on the eponymous novel by George Bernanos.
Drama | 1967 | 81'
Director: Robert Bresson
Countries of production : France
Cast: Nadine Nortier, Marie Cardinal, Paul Hebert
B&W – HD - 4K restoration

Bresson’s follow up to “Balthazar” performs another minor miracle while actually treating one:  a series of vicious vicissitudes befalling a young girl leading her to martyrdom and a near-Biblical state of grace. Economy of expression and intensity of effect contribute to a wrenching magnificence.

Other credits
  • Production: Argos Films
  • Script writers: Robert Bresson
  • Photo: Ghislain Cloquet
  • Music: Jean Wiener