SHIRIN EBADI – Until We Are Free

Dawn Gifford Engle
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Original title :
Documentary feature | 2021 | 78'
Director: Dawn Gifford Engle
Countries of production : The Netherlands - Spain - France
HD - Color - Farsi-English

The first Muslim woman to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Shirin Ebadi has inspired millions around the globe through her work as a human rights lawyer defending women and children against a brutal regime in Iran. Now the film Until We Are Free tells her story of courage and defiance in the face of a government out to destroy her, her family, and her mission: to bring justice to the people and the country she loves. The Iranian government would end up taking everything from Shirin Ebadi – her marriage, her home, even her Nobel Prize medallion – but the one thing it could never steal was her spirit to flight for justice and a better future for the women of Iran.

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