Marco Ferreri
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Festivals / Awards

Venice: Fipresci Prize

Original title : EL COCHECITO
Comedy-drama | 1961 | 88'
Director: Marco Ferreri
Countries of production : Spain
Cast: Antonio Gavilan, Jose Isbert, Pedro Porcel
Color - Spanish

In this black comedy, an elderly man must endure his mean-spirited, insensitive family. He enjoys a happier side of life with an invalid friend who gets around on a special, adapted motorbike serving as a sort of wheelchair. When the old man asks his family for a similar vehicle, they all respond unkindly. His solution is murderous but lucrative… One of the first feature-length films for director Marco Ferreri, known for his interest in the darkly satirical side of life.

Other credits
  • Script writers: Marco Ferreri et Rafael Azcona
  • Photo: Juan Julio Baena
  • Music: Miguel Asins Arbó