Marguerite Duras
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Original title :
Drama | 1977 | 90'
Director: Marguerite Duras
Countries of production : France
Cast: Gérard Depardieu, Delphine Seyrig, Claudine Gabay
Color - French - Restored in 2K

Vera Baxter is talking to a woman in a bar. The woman was attached to Vera by hearing her name called out : “Baxter, Vera Baxter”. In response to her new friend’s curiosity, Vera tells her life story. The tale of her marriage to no-good husband Cayre. The man who uses Vera as a sort of unpaid prostitute in order to keep his failing building business going… Talented French writer Marguerite Duras transposes her own magical words into images.

Other credits
  • Production: Sunshine
  • Script writers: Marguerite Duras
  • Photo: Sacha Vierny, Ghislain Cloquet, Jean Mascolo et Bruno Nuytten
  • Music: Carlos d'Alessio