Marco Ferreri
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Festivals / Awards

Cannes: Special Jury Prize

Original title : REVE DE SINGE
Comedy-drama | 1978 | 114'
Director: Marco Ferreri
Countries of production : Italy - France
Cast: Gerard Depardieu, Marcello Mastroianni, Geraldine Fitzgerald, James Coco
Color - English

One of Ferreri’s strangest and sharpest depictions of the decline of contemporary society … A group of misfits in a broken-down area of Manhattan struggle in a decaying world where men are consumed by power and rats may overtake the human population. Depardieu’s character prefers the company of a chimpanzee he finds near the carcass of a giant ape, presumably left over from the remake of King Kong. Filmed in English in New York City.

Other credits
  • Script writers: Marco Ferreri et Gérard Brach et Rafael Azcona
  • Photo: Luciano Tovoli
  • Music: Philippe Sarde