Oumarou Ganda
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Festivals / Awards
Original title : CABASCABO
Drama | 1968 | 48’21
Director: Oumarou Ganda
Countries of production : France - Niger
Cast: Oumarou Ganda - Zalika Souley - Dan Baba Ali - Balarabi - Gérard Delassus - Issa Gombokoye - Kaka
Image 1.37 - 2K restoration - Sound Mono - N&B – Djerma / French

Cabascabo, a veteran of the French colonial army in Indochina, returns to his home town in Niger. Acclaimed by friends and relatives, he lavishes his money and belongings on them until he is left with nothing. In fragmented flash-backs, he tells the story of his adventures before setting off into the bush. Oumarou Ganda from the Moi, un noir directed by Jean Rouch, plays himself in this introspection on integration, injustice and homecoming.

Other credits
  • Production: Argos Films
  • Script writers: Oumara Ganda
  • Photo: Toussaint Bruschini – Gérard de Battista