Alain Resnais
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Festivals / Awards

Cannes Film Festival,
International Critics’ Prize (FIPRESCI)
Méliès Award

Original title : HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR
Drama | 1959 | 91’
Director: Alain Resnais
Countries of production : France - Japan
Cast: Emmanuelle Riva - Eiji Okada - Bernard Fresson
Image 1.37 - Sound Mono - B&W – French and Japanese languages - 4K restoration

His first feature, which André Malraux acclaimed as the most beautiful film he had ever seen, brought Resnais instant fame and has become an enduring classic of film history. A complex study of a troubled relationship set in post World War II Japan. A young French actress is in Hiroshima for the shooting of a film about peace. She meets a Japanese architect who reminds her of a former lover, a German soldier. The haunting affair is overshadowed by memories of the Bomb.
Scripted by legendary writer Marguerite Duras.

Other credits
  • Production: Argos Films
  • Coproduction: -
  • Script writers: Marguerite Duras
  • Photo: Michio Takahashi - Sacha Vierny
  • Music: George Delerue - Giovanni Fusco