Marco Ferreri
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Original title : I lOVE YOU
Comedy-drama | 1986 | 102'
Director: Marco Ferreri
Countries of production : France - Italy
Cast: Christophe Lambert, Anémone, Jean Reno, Eddy Mitchell, Agnes Soral
Color - French

Michel is a miserable man who has failed at love and finds comfort in a mechanical key holder with blue eyes and big red lips that responds to a whistle with a recording of “I Love You”. He seems happy with this automatic declaration of love until the key holder responds to his neighbor’s whistle. Michel is upset because his key ring can’t be faithful.
A classic Ferreri satire on modern love and society.

Other credits
  • Script writers: Marco Ferreri, Enrico Oldoini et Didier Kaminka
  • Photo: William Lubtchansky