JOYLESS STREET (La rue sans joie)

Georg Wilhelm Pabst
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Festivals / Awards
Original title : Die Freudlose Gasse
Originally silent sonorized
Drama | 1925 | 97'
Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Countries of production : Germany
Cast: Greta Garbo - Asta Nielsen
B&W - original silent sonorized - German

1920, Melchior street, in Vienna, harbours the Greifer’s brothel and the libidinous butcher trading meat against flesh. While rich people spend fortune in the brothel, famished inhabitants queue endlessly in front of the butcher shop. Two young girls, both victims of World War I krach, live in this street. Maria (Asta Nielsen), in love with a swindler, kills her rival and gives herself in. Greta (Greta Barbo) is saved from the Greifer’s brothel by a young American.

Other credits
  • Coproduction: So-Far Films
  • Script writers: Willy Haas
  • Photo: Robert Lach - Curt Oertel - Guido Seeber