Chris Marker
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Festivals / Awards

Berlin International Film Festival 1983 – OCIC Award-Honorable Mention

British Film Institute Awards 1983 – Sutherland Trophy

Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US 2014 – The Influentials

Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US 2015 – The Influentials

Original title : SANS SOLEIL
Documentary| 1983 | 104'
Director: Chris Marker
Countries of production : France
Cast: Narrator (French version): Florence Delay, Narrator (Japanese version) : Riyoko Ikeda, Narrator (German Version): Charlotte Kerr, Narrator (English version): Alexandra Stewar, Singing: Arielle Dombaslet
Color - French, Japanese, English - 2K restoration

Complex, allusive and visually ravishing, this remarkable essay-film imagines a series of letters from a globally-roving cameraman, nagging away at what constructs and consti- tutes individual and collective memory, history, and the mediated image itself. At times an almost science fiction analysis of Japanese customs, of Icelandic landscapes, of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, of documentaries.

Other credits
  • Production: Argos Films
  • Script writers: Chris Marker
  • Music: Michel Krasna