Dmitriy Fiks
Festivals / Awards
Original title : EVREY
Drama Thriller | 2021 | 110'
Director: Dmitriy Fiks
Countries of production : Russia - France
Cast: Arthur Smolyaninov - Aglaia Tarasova - Vadim Nortshteyn - Sasha Bortich - Ivan Dobronravov - Sergey Makovetskiy
35 mm - 4K - 5.1 - Color - Russian - Yiddish - Ukrainian

USSR, the year 1946. The main character, Mikhail Krasnitsky, travels to different cities across the country. There he commits cold-blooded murders, but for no apparent reason. The secret service manages to connect all these crimes and figure out that all the victims were former death camp inmates. However, the murderer’s motive remains unclear for a long time.

  • Production: Profit - Motor Studio
  • Coproduction: Cité Films
  • Script writers: Ilya Rubinshteyn - Valentin Emelyanov