René Laloux
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Original title : LES MAITRES DU TEMPS
Design by artist Moebius
Animation - Science fiction |1982 | 80'
Director: René Laloux
Countries of production : France
Color - French

Piel, the young son of a space traveler, is left behind on the planet Perdide, where huge hungry hornets roam. Piel’s father’s friend Jaffar abandons an important mission to go rescue the child, with the help of an old sailor and two dwarves who communicate by telepathy…Based on Stephan Wuls’ novel “The Orphan of Perdide”. Designed by artist Moebius. From the director of “Fantastic Planet”.

Other credits
  • Script writers: Jean-Patrick Manchette - Mœbius - René Laloux
  • Photo: Effets spéciaux : Sándor Reisenbüchler
  • Music: Jean-Pierre Bourtayre - Pierre Tardy - Christian Zanési